Vonzell Solomon

Vonzell Solomon was a contestant on the 4th season of American Idol and came in third place. When I was approached to re-design her official website I wanted to create something that represented the fun and charismatic girl she is while giving it a professional feel to match her powerhouse voice. Vonzell will be on MTV this spring on the reality show “Todrick.”

Francesca Gregorini

Francesca Gregorini is a writer and director who needed a website to showcase her previous and upcoming work. I wanted to keep the design clean and have the users main focus be her work. The site has a lot of content spanning the release of her two films “The Truth About Emanuel” and “Tanner Hall.”

This is a responsive website that uses jQuery and PHP to create the best viewing experience for the user.

The Truth About Emanuel

“The Truth About Emanuel” was sort of a dream project. I have been a Jessica Biel fan for quite some time and when the opportunity came to work with the team of a film she was starring in I jumped at the chance. For the website we wanted to create a theme that was similar to the poster and that’s why the design your looking at is actually the second version of the website. View the original version here.

When building the site we needed to accommodate all of the types of press the film would receive so the use of Custom Post types worked well. The uses jQuery throughout to create an easy browsing experience for the user.

Mikalah Gordon

Mikalah Gordon was a contestant on the 4th Season of American Idol and since then has developed a career that spans several avenues. Among singing she has most recently started doing stand up comedy and has been cast in a feature film. When it was time to update the site with the latest news and current events we wanted to the focus to be centered around her live shows, to allow fans easy access to information on upcoming dates.

This is a responsive website that uses jQuery and PHP to create the best viewing experience for the user.

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